Where Have You Been?

Did your mom ever ask, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Well, that's what I feel like....I have been gone.
So, where have you been, you ask?
Have you been to the White House?

What makes you say that?

 Have you been to the Lincoln Memorial?
 Have you been to the National Museum of Art where the Pre-Raphaelite show was going on?

 Below is one of John William Waterhouse' paintings.  It was eerie and so awesome looking.
 I saw pictures and pictures by Degas, Renoir, Monet, Manet, Waterhouse just to "name drop" a few.  And, ohhhh..... did I ever want to touch them!  But, I didn't.  I just admired from a distance.

So, where else have you been?  Did you go to Orlando?
What makes you say that?
Is that Wendy up there flying?  
Why yes, yes it is.
 And, did you see that statue?
 Why, he moved.  Well, yes, yes he did.
And,did you go to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique?
 Yes, I did.  And, you know, I had an awful experience there.  There was a magical mirror that you could stand in front of and wave a wand and different dresses would appear and you got to be each of the Disney princesses.  So, I kept trying to stand there and would you believe that those mothers let their daughters go in front of me to be in front of the magic mirror?  Why, it's as if I wasn't even there!  Just because I'm old enough to be a grandma, a wee bit bigger than those tiny dresses that appeared on the magic mirror (you'd think since it was magic that it could've magically adjusted to my size, but NOooooo).
Do you think that maybe those mothers didn't realize you wanted to be in front of the magic mirror?
Errr...well, maybe...
Where else have you been, because you have been gone a long time.
I've been swimming with the fishys at the Denver Downtown Aquarium.
Really? Swimming?
Okay, no, but I took a picture of them.
Oh, and the ghost jellyfish...they were so ethereal looking.
I've been a few places lately, but you know what?  I am in a new position and I just love it!  It has kept me busy along with some traveling.
And, our computer is so confounded slow these days!
I hope we get another one soon.
And, I have been busy making dolls, and, you know what?
Three of my dolls got accepted into Stuffed magazine by Stampington.  They are coming out in August.  Now, I'm working on a few more to send in.
No way!
So, I just wanted you to know the whys of my being gone for a while.  I'll be in and out.  I'll be more in when we get a new computer...I hope.
Several of you have checked on me to see if everything was okay and you are so sweet to do that! 
Hugs to you all and may blessings!



NickelNook said...

I have MISSED you so much!! It was lovely to have this conversation with you...and incredible the way you knew just what I was saying! How did you do that? Maybe something else happened in front of that magic mirror! Sounds...and looks...like you've been having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!! Thank you for sharing a bit of it! :o)

Noelle the dreamer said...

Welcome back Friend! Love the artwork with Donald (?) reading to take care of his computer (know the feeling!) and oooh...sad you did not get to see what you looked like in those lovely dresses...Humph! Nasty people!
Sending warm hugs and much prayers...
Come back soon!

jennspeacornpopnuts.com said...

Well, I've been 'here' but can't say "i've done that"!

You have indeed been busy.
Nice to see you posting!

Now things feel 'normal' again! ha ha.


Salmagundi said...

You have been missed!! I'm curious about your new position - are you still in RF schools? Hope so as they sure need you!!! Glad to hear you are making dolls - I really would like to see them some time. Do a blog post on them for us. We're flying through Swink tomorrow on the way to LJ for my SIL 80th birthday. Take care, and glad you are back in the world of blog. Sally

NanaDiana said...

Blessings and I am so glad you had a good time, Holly. I have missed seeing you around here and will be glad when you get back on a regular basis. Magic mirror-oh I so need one of those!!! Congrats on your dolls, too- xo Diana

Mary Ellen said...

I have been on bear watch for the past few weeks. With the fire we had few weeks ago which has caused bears to come into town and they are trying to get to my honey. Am hoping to harvest the large hive which has about 60 lbs. this weekend. I hope he doesn't get in to the hive before I have time to harvest!

Miss You! Aren't you in need of a little get away weekend soon?

bee blessed

A Magical Whimsy said...

You actually got to see the original Ophelia by John William Waterhouse!? That has got to be one of my most favorite paintings. It is an eerie painting as it has such depth and an ethereal quality to it. And the colors! Oh! The colors of that painting are rich and rare. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and I totally enjoyed taking Melissa Bolton's Archetypal self-assessment 'test'..it really empowered me and who I am. I loved her Pinterest quotes which went along with each Archetypal personality type. She was 'right on' with her 12 assessments. Glad you enjoyed it!
Teresa in California

Cheryl said...

Just refound your blog. I love it. Knew u were traveling and thanks for sharing. Love you. Will keep following. Cheryl

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